The Kgalagadi Self-Drive book has arrived

Kgalagadi Self-Drive has arrived at last. If you ordered the book during the pre-publication offer period, your book will be delivered in the next few days. We did experience severe delays at the Durban port, but the books are now in our warehouse ready to be sent out. 

If you have not yet ordered your copy, we are still offering an online special – if you order the book now you will: – save R10 – have the book delivered in good time for Christmas at reduced courier rates. 

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 Key features

• Comprehensive guide to all roads and routes • Easy-to-read maps of each route and road • Useful information on all aspects of the Park • Accurate navigational and geographic information • Hard cover for practical use in a vehicle • Photographs taken from a vehicle on regular roads  

Kgalagadi Book

Target market

This book will be a useful tool for all visitors to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The book is aimed at tourists who engage in self-drive safaris, whether they are regular, new or once-off visitors to the Park.  

About the authors

This book is a product of exceptional teamwork. The vision, creativity, strength and hard work of each individual contributed to this final product. Over the years, each of the team members has developed something of a love-affair with the Kgalagadi. It is a place they value and respect, and this book was a long-nurtured dream they all shared. Local knowledge is the cornerstone of any visit to a park, and this is what this book offers. Jaco Powell has been escorting guests to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park for the past 20 years. His fervour is contagious, and his knowledge extensive. With a B.Sc degree in Zoology and Entomology, as well as post-graduate research on Kalahari trees, a passion for nature and for photography, Jaco was the ideal person to join the Van den Bergs on this project. He also contributed invaluably with his photographs. He owns a successful Nature & Wildlife Safari company, Cape Fox Tours & Photography.  

Philip and Ingrid van den Berg have been visiting the Park on a regular basis since the early seventies. Over the years they noticed the changes in visitors’ attitudes. People want to know more, share more, understand better. Local and international photographers now make the Kgalagadi one of their preferred destinations. Ingrid was responsible for the embroidery of the pattern – doing further research and writing the text. With her B.Sc. (Honors - Zoology) degree, which includes Botany and Entomology, she was well-equipped for this. Both Philip and Ingrid contributed their photography. Philip ran the library and ensured that the pictures were selected, edited and at hand. His background in Environmental Education, for most of his professional career, was invaluable.  

For Heinrich van den Berg the Kgalagadi has always been a source of inspiration for his photography and writing. Putting the book together was like a dream – experiencing the wonders all over again and seeing it develop into something that will hopefully be of value to others. Heinrich owns HPH Publishing ( He has successfully published over 30 books with the involvement of Philip and Ingrid. He has chosen a life as professional wildlife photographer, film-maker and publisher, enjoys creative writing, and offers photography workshops. 

HPH Publishing was established by Heinrich, Philip and Ingrid van den Berg, acclaimed wildlife photographers and contributors to Wild magazine. With over 30 books published, HPH Publishing is synonymous with conservation and nature photography. Jaco Powell co-authored the book with the Van den Bergs.